The real deal? ​Counterfeit reflashes!

Posted by   Timothy Nash

Counterfeit Reflashes!

This week, it was brought to my attention that counterfeit reflashes may have been sold under our name as our product. The reflashes are actually the product of other shops/vendors using 3rd party aftermarket hardware and software to reflash ECU's with a generic tune and then selling the service as if the reflash was performed by us. These generic tunes lack the major benefits we offer specific to the Yamaha V-Max. Our tunes do not have inherent problems found with the other generic tunes. 

Our tunes have:

  • Individual Cylinder tuning. This compensates for the lean cylinder issue found while tuning the stock binary.
  • Intake specific throttle tuning. This was only accomplished via hours of dyno work post the fuel tuning process. 
  • Fully functional diagnostic screens. Diagnostic test still function and readings are stable. Euro versions require unplugging the Immobilizer.
  • Stability. They will not erroneously strand you in traffic when the bike shuts down with an ERROR 50 ECU malfunction code. Otherwise know to us as an invalid sub-routine jump or a checksum error. 

We have established a wholesale network where shops can resell our reflash and we will continue to support those efforts. We appreciate their belief in our product wherein they represent it locally. BUT, it is unscrupulous to sell an inferior untested base-tuned counterfeit product at full price while attempting to profit off of the two years we worked to reverse engineer, develop and test our product. I don't mind competition, just don't use my reputation built upon 10+ years of success. It appears the major offender has closed but the product still lingers. I was aware this would happen so from day one, I printed custom labels and affixed one on every ECU AND I placed a code in the ECU to identify what reflash it contained. 

Here is how to access the ECU code:

  1. Depress the two buttons on the steering neck.
  2. While holding the two buttons down, turn on the ignition switch and keep the two buttons depressed.
  3. Wait for the tank display (Meter 2) to display "DIAG".
  4. Release the two buttons and depress and hold down both buttons again.
  5.  Wait for the tank display to show "D:01".
  6. Use a single button to navigate to "D:70".

If the code displayed in the upper left is "0", it is not our reflash. 

Actual counterfeit customers photo:

Counterfeit ECU Diagnostic screen

Photo Courtesy of Chester Gorman 

If you feel you have paid for a Gurued Gear reflash but there is a "0" code in the D:70 screen, please contact us HERE. We will track down the vendor and attempt to rectify the issue. 

Your business is appreciated,

Tim Nash

Managing Member

Gurued Gear


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