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Posted by   Timothy Nash

Vmax brotherhood,

Just wanted to let you all know what kind of a person Tim Nash of Gurued Gear is.  I reach out to Tim about my 2010 Max earlier this year 2020 due to my engine warning light randomly coming on and off.  I could not figure it out on my own and since my ECU was flashed by one of Tim’s competitors back in 2014 and then to find out they closed up shop a few years back, I had no one to talk to about my issues.  Even the dealerships would not run a diagnostic test to determine what the issue is.

I explained to Tim that my ECU was flashed by one of his competitors, I did the air box mod and removed the catalyst and install the X-Pipe.  Tim graciously without any hesitation ran me through the diagnostics screen on the Max to see if anything in the code/display would tell him what might be going on.  The results did not show anything that would identified why the Max was having a few issues.  After several correspondence emails, we had no success on finding out what the problem could be.  At that point, Tim said to send the ECU to him and he would attempt to re-flash it to see if that would fix the issues the Max was having.  I removed the ECU and mailed it that day.  Tim did what Tim does best, and I was able to put it back into the Max in less than 5 days from day I removed it.  5 day turn around, amazing!
I cannot be any more pleased with the end results of Tim’s product.  My max is running like it has never done before.  Throttle response is freaking on que and I have never heard the Max engine sound so alive, just a freaking awesome feeling as you roll on the throttle.

I have never met Tim in person, but from the time I reached out to him until now, I personally felt that Tim’s devotion and perseverance to see my issues fixed was far beyond anything I could have expected from him.  Tim could have said your issues are not my problem, but he didn’t.  What did Tim do, Tim committed his time, his efforts, his product and showed some good old fashion humanity that we are missing in today’s society.  Part of Gurued Gear philosophy on their web site states, “I realize the customers experience with my company resides at the intersection of product performance and customer service. My goal is to make your experience as enjoyable as I can”.   I am here to tell you all that Tim is a person of his own words.  As for customer service, Gurued Gear has no competitors out there that can match them.  You will not find any other business that will ensure you are 100% satisfied with a their products as Gurued Gear team.  I just want to say thanks Tim, r/Chester Gorman


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