Added a Dynojet 224x mobile dyno to the lineup!

Posted by   Stephen Gallagher

Gurued Gear is now Mobile!!

Mobile 224x dyno

We have added a third dyno to our lineup! We can now bring the dyno to your local event or club meet. The mobile dyno is a drive-on/drive-off type which makes it easier and quicker to load and unload vehicles during an event. We are updating the electronics to the new Dynoware RT hardware and WinPep 8 software. The mobile dyno is equipped with a Dynojet 224x inertia dynometer which features a 24" knurled, precision balanced drum, a 2000-hp / 2000 ft. lbs measurement capacity and a max speed of 200 mph. The new Dynoware RT hardware and WinPep 8 software can interface with the OBDII ports on all late model cars.  We can provide a simple Horsepower and Torque printout or we have the ability to provide a performance evaluation of your vehicle. A Performance evaluation records the statistics of the engine management system via the OBDII port, the horsepower and torque output via the dyno and  the Wideband O2 data on a single printout.  It is a great tool for determining if you should visit our tuning center for a custom tune on our Mustang MD1100 chassis dyno.



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