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Gurued Big Air Stacks

Short description:

VMX17 Big Air Velocity Stacks

Replace the OEM Airbox of the Second Generation

Yamaha VMX-17 V-Max.

10 days


By popular demand, we resurrected and updated fxStein's original Monster Big Air kits!!!

Back in 2009 when the Second-Generation V-Max was released, a tuner named fxStein developed an air intake system that eliminated the restrictive OEM air box and replaced it with 4 individual velocity stacks. Each stack was designed to hold its own individual air filter. It was known as the "Mod of all mods" for the intake system. Well, time passes and priorities change. We sold all of our stock of them and in time the kits disappeared. Often, I still get request for this mysterious intake system, and nobody knows how to get it. It's unobtanium, until now. We resurrected the old stacks and made some improvements. This kit includes 4 CNC machined aluminum velocity stacks. Compared to the old stacks, the flange size was increased to make them stronger. We also made the flange thicker to accommodate the stock O-Ring as well as being able to use the OEM Velocity Stack bolts without them bottoming out.  We also modified the top neck and sized it to fit the HA-3094 air filter as the filter used in the original setup has been discontinued. Since we no longer carry K&N filters, you will need to order 4 separate air filters from K&N P/N HA-3094's elsewhere to complete this installation. Remember to re-use the bolts from the bottom OEM stacks and the O-Rings from under the stock air box.  

** NOTE - During installation of each stack, tighten the two bolts evenly making sure the stack inserts straight and true. Without purple thread lock - torque bolts to 8.7 ftlbs. With purple thread lock - torque bolts to 4.6 ftlbs. Failure to insert the stacks correctly and tighten them evenly could cause the engine to idle incorrectly. **