ECU Re-Flash Service - Long Rear Tube 4 into 2 with MAB Ver 2 for Hole Shot and CS One Style Systems

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 4 into 2 with 

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 Exhaust Systems

 with Modified Air Box

Version 2

High Performance ECU RE-Flash for the second generation Yamaha VMX17 V-Max equipped with 4 into 2 systems that have longer rear down tube pipes before it merges with the front header pipes. This tune was developed using Dale Walkers Hole Shot system. It is also used for Vance and Hines CS One systems. This tune is for a Modified Air Box and a K&N Air Filter (YA1709).  



Dale Walkers Holeshot Slip-on

Some of the Features:

  • Rev Limit increased
  • Speed limit removed
  • Throttle By Wire restrictions removed
  • Excessive timing retard eliminated
  • Individual Cylinder's Alpha N and Speed Density Fuel Table re-tuned
  • YCC-T Opening rate adjusted for better cruise response and maximum throttle angle adjusted for peak Horsepower
  • Slight throttle openings are more tame and the response is slightly more mild and manageable
  • Off-throttle engine braking in the first 3 gears has been reduced
  • EXUP servo can be eliminated
  • Air Induction System valve can be permanently switched closed

The Typical Process: Your ECU will be re-flashed and returned to you. This requires the removal of your ECU from your bike and shipping it to our facility to be Re-Flashed. Typical turn around should average 3 to 5 days. 

If you do not have a performance K&N Air Filter, you can purchase it with the re-flash and receive a discount.   

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For use in sanctioned closed course events only.

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4 into 2 Long Tube Mid-Pipe (Dale Walker, CSOne)
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Modified Air Box
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The turn around time was phenomenal (the day they got it they reflashed and send it back), the packaging of the ECU was done in a very professional way. I plugged it back on the bike and took off... I did not leave the subdivision before I could tell it was "better". It was just so... Smooth ! No popping from the exhaust or notorious psycho throttle behavior from the slightest twist of the wrist. As far as noticing the bike to be faster... I couldn't. This bike always spun the first 2 gears anyway, and I'm not a 1/4 mile guy so to each his own.

Wow, what else can I say. The power band from top to bottom was excellent. I could lug it in a high gear and when I needed that instant, extra passing power, it was more than there. I found a stretch of road where I took up to 150mph and she got there effortlessly, like the Hayabusa (just more wind-shear).

Too much to enjoy now and it's all thanks to you Tim. I can't wait to see what's next !
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